The Spine Chilling Sensation

When you watch a horror movie, you are scared when the ghost is about to come on the screen. The dark sceneries, the blood-dropping from the lips of the ghost, the scary dialogues and the possessed loved one of the protagonist are a few things that make horror a big thing for the audience.

horror movies

If you are a horror movie fan, you must see the following eight horror movies that not a lot of people have seen till date:

  1. Amusement: There are a few classic elements that make you fall in love with the terror created in this movie. It is about the urban legends that are depicted in the best of their form. The killer is dressed in a clown and he enters into the house to kill the children while the babysitter is right there.
  2. The Ruins: A group of friends go on a luxurious Mexican holiday. When a remote archaeological dig takes place in the jungle, they are haunted by an evil force. Can it get any spookier than this?
  3. Breathing Room: This movie takes you back to the times when you loved playing horror computer games. If you are a fan of the movie SAW, this is the movie that you would adore the most. In this movie, the characters realize that they are contestants of a game they have no idea about.
  4. Truth or Die: Giving away the plot of this movie would be like giving away the suspense. If you want to watch a horror movie that makes some sense, this is the one that you’ve got to see.
  5. Bug: I hate bugs and there is nothing worse than them for me. Thus, this movie creeps me out whenever I watch it. It makes your skin crawl when the protagonist learns about the bites across his body that his girlfriend can’t see.
  6. Inside: After the death of her husband, a woman is haunted by a woman who wants her unborn child.
  7. The Cellar Door: When Herman falls in love with a seductive woman named Rudy, the story begins. He is obsessed with the girl. The terror is created when Rudy learns that she is kidnapped by a sociopath.
  8. Death of a Ghost Hunter: This story may not freak you out at first, but it has a good plot. It is portrayed like it is based on the diary of a real ghost hunter, who has died during a terrifying paranormal investigation.


Even though all of the above mentioned movies were made well and are worth watching, they couldn’t work well and thus, are not very popular. Yet, each one of them makes you jump from your seat with its twists, tales and fear.