Movies in 2017

From comedy movies to horror flicks, 2017 has been a year full of wonderful movies for all age groups. If you are addicted to watching movies in the theatre or at home, there are a few movies that you must know about. These movies have received a terrific response from the audience as well as the critics.

Now let us have a look at the list of some of the best movies in 2017:

  • Logan: This is one of the best wolverine movies you’d be watching your entire life. Since it is the last movie of the series, it is a must-watch.

Budget: 97 million USD

Earning: 616.8 million USD

  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Not a lot of people have liked this movie and I agree that it lacks an appropriate plot. However, I still think that it has done a fair job in maintaining the charm and thrill.

Budget: 32.5 million USD

Earning: 475.1-572.7 million USD

  • Wonder Woman: This movie proves the strength of a woman. It you want to watch a plot that’s delicious to your eyes, this is the movie you’ve been waiting for all this while.

Budget: 149 million USD

Earning: 821.6 million USD

  • Spider-Man Homecoming: Not a lot of people like clever movies, but I am glad 92% of people have liked this film. It is crispy, funny and entertaining, proving to be one of its kinds.

Budget: 175 million USD

Earning: 879.8 million USD

  • Beauty and the Beast: If you think this movie is only for kids, you haven’t seen the adult crowd in the cinema halls. It takes you back to the era of spells and palaces and makes you believe in the existence of true love.

Budget: 160 million USD

Earning: 1.263 billion USD

  • Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Men Tell No Tales: Sparrow was and will always be one of the most adored characters in the world of movies. If you want to see eerie sceneries on the screen, this movie is meant for you.

Budget: 230 million USD

Earning: 794.8 million USD

  • IT: How about sitting with a large “bucket” of popcorn and watching a clown scare the hell out of you?

Budget: 35 million USD

Earning: 666.6 million USD

  • The Dark Tower: You may have seen a lot of horror movies, but this is different. Just like you have a “Woman in Black”, you have a “Man in Black” in this movie.

Budget: 60 million USD

Earning: 111.8 million USD

  • The Mummy: Tom Cruise had never lost his charm and this movie proves the same. His brilliant performance makes you want to see it over and over again.

Budget: 80 million USD

Earning: 415.9 million USD

  • Alien: Creepy, scary and thrilling are the three words that describe this movie in the best way. Who is up for a weird adventure?

Budget: 11 million USD

Earning: $104.9–203.6 million


If you have missed watching some of these movies, make sure you go ahead and watch them at home now. One thing that I have noticed about all the movies released during the year 2017 is that they are all full of entertainment. No matter how stressed you are, there can be nothing more relaxing than watching a movie with some of the best friends that you have in your life. All you need is a good movie to boost your mood.